5 Tips To Get Full Of Energy

I have been a bit immersed in – ahum – healthy food. I wondered if it is possible to consume healthy and yummy, and also look much better. I have been applying a couple of concepts for numerous weeks: they might seem odd at very first sight, but they seem to work. I suddenly feel more energetic and pleasant, just to state something. It is certainly not a diet plan – oh, exactly what do I dislike diet plans – but a change in diet plan.

Simply explain? This is my individual five-step strategy to a more vital life.

1) Switch to coconut fat

I have actually met more and more people recently who not bake in butter, however in coconut fat. Coconut fat?! Yes. It is sold in glass jars and expenses about EUR 11 per pot. But that will take you a long time. The benefits are amazing: coconut fat is not saved by the body as fat and it stimulates the metabolism. You even burn more calories by burning! If you let a swelling melt in the pan (like butter), you can smell it to be coconut fat. But whatever you bake in it tastes neutral. Keep in mind: purchase only the organic additional virgin types! You can find them at the natural food shop.

2) Eat less bread

I matured with sandwiches, similar to everybody else. But a lot of carbs will make you worn out and exhausted. That is since of the gluten that is hard to digest. Thankfully, there are alternatives. At the bakeshop, for example, I would like to buy a spelled or rye bread. Much healthier. To bake pancakes, cake or cookies, I no longer utilize regular wheat flour, however buckwheat or spelled flour. You can even discover these types of flower in the typical grocery stores.

3) Healthy breakfast

Do not have sandwiches in the morning? Then exactly what? Oatmeal! It is a so-called superfood so you get a lot of sluggish energy in the morning. You are saturated for a long period of time and do not require snacks. I prepare a cup of oatmeal in two cups of milk with some honey. Then you can include vanilla or cinnamon powder, and blueberries, apple pieces or raspberries.

4) Pretend to live in the South

Whatever that sounds rather Mediterranean readies. Particularly those scrumptious grilled and marinated vegetables. Extremely tasty, filling and you do not feel bloated later on. In the evening I make a growing number of salads that I supplement with items that are ‘fat’ initially glimpse, such as feta, avocado, mackerel and olives. Nevertheless, these are good fats! As long as you do not eat any bread, you’re doing an excellent job. You can also change regular ‘white’ pasta better with spelled, kamut or buckwheat pasta. You barely see any difference, however your body feels it.

5) Consume seeds

I have one rack in my kitchen that is totally devoted to nuts and seeds. Flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, cashew nuts, pine nuts … They are a popular addition to give your meal crunch (just sprinkle on top of your pasta, salad, soup …). In addition, these seeds and nuts include a lot of omega 3, that makes you feel better in your own skin.

Success with it!

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