7 Small Changes That Help You Lose Weight

Did you know that even small changes such as getting more proteins or not eating fruit at certain meals already has a huge effect on your weight and helps you lose weight? Below we explain seven surprisingly simple ways to change your behavior, so that you lose weight effortlessly

Fruit: Not during the meal!

Fruit is very healthy and needed in every diet. It is recommended to eat two to three pieces of fresh seasonal fruits daily, so that you consume enough vitamins, minerals and fiber. But eat a piece of fruit for dessert and you put extra pressure on your digestive system. This is because the acids start fermenting sugars and, in combination with the rapid digestion of the fruit, cause gases to form, which lead to weight gain. If you eat fruit in the morning or in the afternoon, the effect is totally opposite . Because it is so tasty, you have less sense in that slightly less healthy snack and candy. Apples and pears you can eat during a meal , these are considered neutral fruits.

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Eat easily without mixing too much

You can make an exception when you invite people or eat out, but a typical meal still consists of a vegetable, a grain or tuber and proteins . In this way you enjoy a balanced meal, in which all nutrients are absorbed by your body.

Proteins ensure that you lose weight

Carbohydrates are all too often misused in the form of sandwiches, pasta, pizza, pastries etc. Carbohydrates give you energy to be able to continue all day long, but by consuming too much of it and consuming too little energy, they are converted in reserves. This will make you thicker. Protein-rich diets can not be healthy either: because you lose weight too quickly, your kidneys and liver become overloaded and you get a yo-yo effect. This is why we recommend a good portion of protein without exaggerating it. Each meal should contain proteins . You do not only want to burn calories, but also to become slimmer.

Fibers reduce bloating

Fibers are essential for the proper functioning of the organs. If you suffer from constipation, diarrhea or any other problem, this can lead to stomach inflammation. That is why it is advisable to eat high-fiber foods every day, preferably fruit, vegetables and whole grains. You must drink enough water between meals to flush the amount of fiber.

Do not eat anything in the afternoon

Each country has its own life rhythm, which varies according to the seasons. However, you do not absorb nutrients from what you eat during the afternoon or at night . That is why you get involved, you can hardly sleep or overload your liver. Choose in the evening for herbal infusions, vegetable creams, soups, semi-sweet fruit, proteins, etc.

Not all fats are the same

Did you know that a pastry makes you arrive in a different way than an avocado? Stop counting calories! G ezonde fats are essential for your body to maintain your organs, skin and body fluids. The ‘bad’ fats do not contain so many healthy nutrients, your body will therefore convert these into reserves. Choose healthy fats from nuts, vegetable quality oils, fish or eggs and avoid hydrogenated fats, fried food and cold meats.

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