How often do you have to wash your hair?

Washing your hair every day is disastrous for your beautiful locks, if shampoo does not foam then it does not clean properly and if you use shampoo too long, it loses its effect. There are quite a few fables about washing the hair. Or are we dealing with facts here?

Unfortunately there is no standard advice about washing the hair. According to experts, it depends strongly on what type of hair you have and what choices you make when it comes to styles. Yet you do not really have to wash it as often as you might think. Certainly for luxuriant locks it is worth – in normal hair – to postpone washing for as long as possible. However, it also depends partly on personal preferences.

The function of washing

Shampoo mainly has a cleansing effect; it refreshes the hair and removes the natural hair fat, styling products and other dirt. If you wash your hair too often, it is possible that your hair dries out and breaks easily. A bit of dirt in your hair is fine and natural. Especially the fat (sebum and oils) belongs in your hair. Sebum has a number of important functions, including protecting and keeping the skin supple .

How often?

Actually, only a small group benefits from the daily washing of the hair and that is if you have very nice hair, lots of sport and sweat or if you live in a very humid place. With a very greasy scalp, daily washing is also not a luxury.

With very thick hair and little sebum, it is good to wash your hair less. Especially people with dry hair or curls can easily reduce the number of washes. But generally everyone can easily spend one to three days without shampoo. There is no standard recommendation. Visibly fat hair, an itchy scalp or clear dirt in the hair are signs that it’s time.


To delay the washing as long as possible, there are also a number of tips. For example, it is important that your hair is as little as possible. The more you brush it and your hands go through your hair, the more you spread the fat from your scalp through your hair. Also be careful with greasy products such as oil and serum, so use it only in the hair tips if necessary.

Dry shampoo is also seen as a result. In addition to a fresh feeling, this often also gives some extra volume. Wetting and re-shaping the hair can also help.


Foaming shampoo and soap is a sign of good cleaning, right? This is partly true. Shampoo absorbs grease and dirt and will not foam if it has absorbed too much. In this sense, foaming is therefore an indicator of clean hair ; if it does not foam, you have to wash it again.

However, this only applies if you use shampoo in the right way. A nut of shampoo – about the size of a euro coin – is sufficient. So do not use it anymore. Divide the product over your hands, apply it to the neck of your hair and massage to the crown. This way the shampoo is well distributed and you know – based on the foaming – how dirty your hair is.


Occasionally changing shampoo can not hurt. However, the effectiveness of shampoo is not reduced if you use it for a long time. You can change hair and the needs of your hair. Colored hair needs a different shampoo than hair with a natural tint. Sometimes your hair, for example under the influence of hormones, is drier or fatter. Even then it pays to adjust your shampoo.


It is often thought that conditioner is only necessary for dry hair and that you usually do not need a conditioner – especially if your hair is fat. However, this is not entirely correct.

During a wash the hair cuticles are opened and a conditioner causes them to close again. It makes your hair nice and smooth. Generally, conditioner can be recommended for every type of hair. In addition, you also have different conditioners, depending on the needs of your hair.

Just as for shampoo, you must use the product correctly. Not too much, even now that euro coin, and especially on the ends and lengths. These are often the areas that can use the extra care. Do not forget to rinse well.

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