The environment around us is tremendously changing. Joining these changes is fun and difficult, however often also suggests that we wish to carry out a growing number of in less and less time. Getting as much from yourself feels excellent, but can be very strenuous and stressful sometimes. How much would you prefer to continue; your energy does not constantly take part.

Welcome to Controled Carb Gourmet, my name is Ronald Montes. I am 28 years of ages and everything that involves healthy life can amaze me tremendously!

Besides writing for Controled Carb Gourmet, I am passionate about playing games, technology, gyming and enjoying my life.

At Controled Carb Gourmet I share my experience that I gathered in my life. My talent is making complicated things easy and fun. I get my inspiration from books (from individual growth to system theory), from the barriers I get rid of, by observing, philosophizing and endless chatting.

About Controled Carb Gourmet

This website is an understanding platform on which comprehensive information is shared about nutrition and health. I strive for an objective to perhaps position it, where dietary issues are highlighted from various angles. We are likewise not afraid to use a reply to old dogmas or unilateral media protection.

On my blog site you can read different short articles and enjoy videos in the areas of nutrition, dieting, weight loss and lifestyle.

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