Practical Weight Loss Tips 2023

If you eat throughout the day, chances are that you get too many calories. Your digestive system will hardly get any rest, your blood sugar level will constantly rise and fall and the sentence will continue to be present in a tasty and sweet way.

It is best to eat 3 times (and sometimes even 2) a day. That means that you do not eat snacks. This also includes high-calorie drinks such as soft drinks or fruit juices.

During the 3 eating moments, you can fortunately eat quite large portions, so that you can then continue for about 5 hours. In the beginning, this food pattern can be difficult to sustain, but after a week or two your body will be accustomed to this and you will not be hungry in between!


Do not eat anything more in the 3 hours before you go to sleep

If you eat later in the evening, chances are you will not burn this anymore. If you do, you have a chance that your body will store this as fat. If you are hungry, try to drink water first. This will reduce your hunger.

Eat fewer calories after 14.00 hours

If you eat a lot of calories later in the day, you are less likely to burn them. So eat your last calories as much as possible during lunch.

Write down what you eat and drink

When you write down everything you eat and even drink, you can calculate how many calories you eat. This way you keep an eye on whether you eat too much, enough or too little.

Eat slowly and slowly

Give your stomach to your brain how full you are. There is a delay of about 10 minutes here. Do you eat too fast, then chances are you have too late that you are full and you eat too much.

Eat as much as possible at home

When you eat in a restaurant, for example, you sometimes get too large portions that you try to eat. When you eat at home, you have better control over what you eat. You will not be able to cook more food than you can.

Buy a pedometer

With a pedometer you can keep track of how much you walk. Make sure you get a certain number of steps every day, for example 10,000.

Watch out that you do not eat more during

the weekend than during the week In the weekend you often have more time than during the week. This gives you more time to eat. Keep an eye on this.

Start by reading labels

When you know which ingredients are in the foods you eat, you can make better choices.

Do only healthy messages

This is a very effective way. If you do not have unhealthy snacks at home, you will not be tempted. If you are hungry, there are only healthy foods in the neighborhood.

Talk about it with family and friends

This is how the people in your area know what you are doing and will be more aware of you. They may also have experience with weight loss and weight loss and they can give you valuable tips.

Always order the smallest portion

When you order food somewhere, it can often be very unhealthy food. With a large portion, the tendency is often great to eat it completely, even though you’ve already eaten enough.

Know how many calories you can eat

Each individual has a different number of kilo calories that the body needs per day. For women this is often around 2000 kcal, for men around 2500 kcal. There are plenty of tests on the internet that can calculate this for you.

Do not eat from boredom

If you have nothing to do, many people tend to eat. Instead, do something active. You will notice that after your activity you have more energy and you automatically come up with something nice to do, or have more sense to do things that you did not feel like at first.

Sleep enough Sleep

deprivation disrupts the hunger hormone and will therefore ensure that you get more appetite. Provide at least 8 hours of sleep per night.

Avoid stress

Occasionally stress causes you to sometimes think more clearly or perform better, but avoid too much stress. In case of too much stress, the substance is released cortisol. This disrupts the insulin level and also ensures that fats are stored more easily in the body.

Keep searching for new tips

If you keep looking for new ways and tips, you will be able to try more and more, to see what works best for you.

Do not eat in front of the TV

When you eat for the TV, you automatically listen less well to the signals from your body. As a result, you are less likely to notice that you have actually eaten enough.

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