Gaining the Willpower to Lose Weight

Gaining the Willpower to Lose Weight. You can lose weight if you set your mind to it! Are you ready to take action to achieve the body of your dreams?

The biggest barrier you face is actually your self-discipline and willpower.

You may have fallen into a vicious cycle. The cycle starts with eating a poor diet full of fats, carbs, and processed foods. These are the kinds of foods that make you feel tired and lethargic all the time. Then, because your body lacks proper energy, you don’t feel much like exercising.

What’s the end result? You end up with a huge loss of willpower and you feel miserable and hopeless.

But there is hope! You can make the change! If you truly want to lose weight, you first have to build the willpower to make it happen.

Here’s a list of things to consider when boosting your willpower:


1. Don’t Wait For Something Bad To Happen. Your willpower is within you and you don’t want something bad to happen in order to find it.

* We’ve all heard the stories about someone suffering a severe trauma, like a heart attack, and how that life event leads to a permanent change in their habits. You don’t need this to happen to you in order to get motivated!

2. Watch Your Portion Size. This is one tip that can allow you to start small. It’s hard to muster up the willpower if you’re trying to go from one extreme to another. Decide that you’re going to have the same meal tonight that you would normally eat – but give yourself a smaller portion size. ?

* The trick is to use smaller plates so the plate visually appears full.

3. Give Yourself A Cheat Day. It’ll be an easier transition for you if you allow yourself some fun once in awhile. Tell yourself that next Saturday you can enjoy that pizza for dinner or that chocolate cake for dessert. You’ll be less likely to give up knowing that you can eat some pizza next Saturday instead of “never.”?

* Your “cheat” day doesn’t mean “over-eat” day.?

* Savor the flavors of your food, even if it means having a smaller piece than you’re used to. Once you’ve finished your piece, your willpower should kick in and say “no more!”

4. Take Photographs. You can motivate yourself to lose weight by taking some self-portraits. We usually don’t have the best idea about how we truly look until we see ourselves in a photograph. Keep a picture with you and look at it when you feel like giving up. ?

* Update your photo often and compare them as you start to lose weight.

5. Make A Food List. Write down all the foods you enjoy eating, then evaluate whether or not these items are healthy. Chances are there are at least some healthy foods that you actually enjoy eating – such as fruits and vegetables. Make sure you start buying these foods for your home.

6. Exercise In Moderation. Adding exercise to your routine can also be a daunting task if you try to jump in too fast. Nobody is telling you that you need to join a gym and engage in rigorous workouts if that’s not your style. You’ll actually be surprised at how energized you can feel just by taking a 30 minute walk, three times a week.

Set Small Goals

No matter how you choose to approach your weight loss, it’s important to take small steps and remain in good spirits. Doing too much, too fast will only set you up for failure. Instead, set small, manageable goals like one pound per week. By focusing on the smaller, more attainable goal, you’ll actually see results far more quickly.

In the end, remember to reward yourself for a job well done. After all, you deserve it! Once you have mustered the willpower to succeed at weight loss, you can succeed at anything in your life!

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Benefits of Green Tea

There are scores of products containing green tea or green tea extract. Ever since this botanical was touted for its healing properties it has been thrown into anything the public will buy. The potential benefits of green tea can affect the body when taken in high enough doses on a daily basis.

Inside the Green Tea Ride


Green tea is at the top of the list as one of the most powerful botanicals able to work as a potent antioxidant Antioxidants are nutrients or enzymes able to counteract the deteriorative cellular effects of oxidation on animal tissue. This dangerous process creates free radicals which float around your system looking for trouble. Green tea components such as the polyphenols (plant compounds) catechins and flavonoids scour your system to eliminate these free radicals. So much so that a study by The Cancer Center, University of Minnesota concluded that, “The results of this meta-analysis indicate a lower risk for breast cancer with green tea consumption.” Antioxidant intake is one of the most studied preventable protocols for combating cancer development.

Don’t Cheap Out

Everyone loves a bargain but when it comes to low quality green tea you could not only be wasting your money but possibly doing yourself harm. Research some green tea choices in store and online. Look for the ingredient source, milligrams if possible and how it may have been processed. Low quality green teas have been liked to excessive levels of fluoride.

Just Enough Kick to Make You Smarter

Green tea contains botanical caffeine (not as much as the legume coffee bean) which has been shown to block adenosine, an inhibitory neurotransmitter. This allows the brain to fire neurons that release more norepinephrine (attention and response chemical) and dopamine (pleasure center emotion hormone). Green tea also contains L-theanine, an amino acid which increases GABA (gamma-Aminobutyric acid), the neurotransmitter that acts as an anti-anxiety. Mash all these attributes together and you get improved mood as well as quicker reaction and memory. In essence, you become smarter. Bam!

A Fat Burner Too?

The School of Sports and Exercise Sciences, University of Birmingham, U.K. studied the potential of the fat burning effects of green tea extract (GTE) and concluded that, “Acute GTE ingestion can increase fat oxidation during moderate-intensity exercise and can improve insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance in healthy young men.”

Bad Breath Bacteria Killer

That’s right, drink green tea and let it swoosh around your mouth before swallowing and you may be preventing some off-putting bacteria. The Department of Oral Biological and Medical Sciences, Faculty of Dentistry, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada conducted a study titled, ‘Effect of green tea on volatile sulfur compounds in mouth air.’ and concluded, “We concluded that green tea was very effective in reducing oral malodor temporarily because of its disinfectant and deodorant activities, whereas other foods were not effective.”

These are some of the multitude of benefits of green tea consumption. Drink it hot, cold or take a tincture under your tongue or in water (highly potent) daily. Always check with your doctor before taking any alternative supplement.

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Best Coconut Oil Brands for Skin

If you’ve ever used coconut oil as part of your cooking or as a treatment for your hair, then you certainly know a thing or two about this amazing oil. However, the benefits of coconut oil are much more than you actually know.

From using it as a hair conditioner to applying it to treat dry skin conditions, there are countless benefits to coconut oil. Unfortunately, many people who want to use coconut oil find it hard to choose the right brand.

Best Coconut Oil Brands for Skin

Coconut Oil

If you’re one of these people, then you’ve come to the right place. In fact, this page is detailed with the right information that will help you make an informed choice when buying your coconut oil brand.

What exactly is coconut oil?

coconut oil

Coconut oil is specially made from the chopra, or dried meat of the coconut. The churna is pressed mechanically to extract the coconut oil.

Coconut oil comprises mainly saturated fats, which are basically medium-chain fatty acids. The interesting thing about this saturated fat is that it is easily digested and the liver can easily process it into energy for immediate use. It is also loaded with vitamin E and other beneficial antioxidants.

What are the benefits of good quality coconut oil?

Coconut oil has been extensively researched over the years. Currently, there are over 1700 publications on this oil. Coconut oil is packed with vitamin E and it is useful in treating different skin and hair conditions. Apart from these uses, there are many more benefits to this natural wonder.

Alzheimer’s disease

Coconut oil contains medium-chain fatty acids, which can be converted into ketones. The brain utilizes ketones as an energy source. This is useful in Alzheimer’s disease (AD) in boosting memory. In fact, research has shown that coconut oil has a positive influence on cognitive functioning in AD patients.

Weight loss

Generally, consuming coconut oil gives a feeling of fullness and increases satiety. This leads to the consumption of fewer calories, which is important if you’re trying to lose weight.

Also, coconut oil increases your body’s metabolism, which can help you burn more fat. Many studies have linked consumption of medium-chain fatty acids with fat loss and reduced body weight.

Additionally, there are studies that have associated consumption of coconut oil with a decrease in the waist circumference. This means coconut oil can prevent abdominal obesity.

Hair loss

Coconut oil has a strong affinity for the proteins in your hair. This helps to prevent the loss of hair proteins, which can cause hair loss. In this way, it also serves as a hair protectant. Additionally, when compared to other oils, it tends to penetrate the hair and scalp much better…

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How to choose the right coconut oil brand

It might be overwhelming when picking the right coconut oil brands. Also, it can seem more confusing when you keep seeing different brands with similar labels like pure, extra virgin, organic, etc. However, there are certain things you need to know to make the correct choice.


Most of the time, a coconut oil brand with a very low price is an indication of low quality. Because a lot goes into producing good quality coconut oil, extremely low price tags can be quite ridiculous.

Extraction process

It’s not so difficult to extract coconut oil. However, extracting the oil and maintaining the nutrients at optimal quality can be difficult if the wrong technique is employed. The most common methods of extracting coconut oil are cold pressing and expeller pressing. The cold press is done in a temperature-controlled environment and tends to produce high quality oil.


Basically, the types are either refined or unrefined. However, all coconut oil has been refined in one way or the other. But in this case, unrefined refers to the purer forms of coconut oil. Generally, the unrefined oil usually has the distinct aroma of coconut, so if you don’t like the smell of coconut, you can use the refined brands.

Many users have reviewed this brand positively due to its many benefits. These include hair conditioning, face wash, massage, shaving cream, aromatherapy, skin care, and many more.

Some users state that they heal faster when they apply this coconut oil to wounds. Also, several users reiterate that this brand tends to fit perfectly into their aromatherapy and massage oil recipes.

According to many, it is also useful for lubricating the vagina as a way of managing vaginal dryness.

How to use coconut oil

Coconut oil can be added in small quantities to your food and smoothies as a source of energy. It can also be used as cooking oil due to its high smoking point. You can use it to bake or deep fry your meat or fish.

The most popular use of coconut oil is in skin and hair care. You can rub it directly into your scalp daily to stimulate hair growth. In skin care, it can be used as a moisturizer. Apply just a small amount to your face after washing and drying with a towel. The oil will permeate your skin after 5 to 10 minutes; then you can wipe away any excess oil with a soft cotton pad.

You can also use it as a makeup remover. Apply it to the face for 5 minutes. The oil will dissolve the mascara and eyeliner so that you can gently wipe them off. Then wash your face using mild soap and warm water.

Other things to know about coconut oil

Most coconut oil brands become solid at temperatures below 24 degrees Celsius. You may be tempted to liquefy it by using the microwave. However, coconut oil should never be microwaved because this can cause deterioration and discolouration of the oil Some people react to coconut oil. Hence, before you use it, you should rub it on the inside of your elbow and wait for 24 to 48 hours to ascertain any allergic reactions If your skin or hair is oily, coconut oil may not be ideal for you. Finally, you should speak to your doctor if you are pregnant before using coconut oil.

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Practical Weight Loss Tips 2023

If you eat throughout the day, chances are that you get too many calories. Your digestive system will hardly get any rest, your blood sugar level will constantly rise and fall and the sentence will continue to be present in a tasty and sweet way.

It is best to eat 3 times (and sometimes even 2) a day. That means that you do not eat snacks. This also includes high-calorie drinks such as soft drinks or fruit juices.

During the 3 eating moments, you can fortunately eat quite large portions, so that you can then continue for about 5 hours. In the beginning, this food pattern can be difficult to sustain, but after a week or two your body will be accustomed to this and you will not be hungry in between!


Do not eat anything more in the 3 hours before you go to sleep

If you eat later in the evening, chances are you will not burn this anymore. If you do, you have a chance that your body will store this as fat. If you are hungry, try to drink water first. This will reduce your hunger.

Eat fewer calories after 14.00 hours

If you eat a lot of calories later in the day, you are less likely to burn them. So eat your last calories as much as possible during lunch.

Write down what you eat and drink

When you write down everything you eat and even drink, you can calculate how many calories you eat. This way you keep an eye on whether you eat too much, enough or too little.

Eat slowly and slowly

Give your stomach to your brain how full you are. There is a delay of about 10 minutes here. Do you eat too fast, then chances are you have too late that you are full and you eat too much.

Eat as much as possible at home

When you eat in a restaurant, for example, you sometimes get too large portions that you try to eat. When you eat at home, you have better control over what you eat. You will not be able to cook more food than you can.

Buy a pedometer

With a pedometer you can keep track of how much you walk. Make sure you get a certain number of steps every day, for example 10,000.

Watch out that you do not eat more during

the weekend than during the week In the weekend you often have more time than during the week. This gives you more time to eat. Keep an eye on this.

Start by reading labels

When you know which ingredients are in the foods you eat, you can make better choices.

Do only healthy messages

This is a very effective way. If you do not have unhealthy snacks at home, you will not be tempted. If you are hungry, there are only healthy foods in the neighborhood.

Talk about it with family and friends

This is how the people in your area know what you are doing and will be more aware of you. They may also have experience with weight loss and weight loss and they can give you valuable tips.

Always order the smallest portion

When you order food somewhere, it can often be very unhealthy food. With a large portion, the tendency is often great to eat it completely, even though you’ve already eaten enough.

Know how many calories you can eat

Each individual has a different number of kilo calories that the body needs per day. For women this is often around 2000 kcal, for men around 2500 kcal. There are plenty of tests on the internet that can calculate this for you.

Do not eat from boredom

If you have nothing to do, many people tend to eat. Instead, do something active. You will notice that after your activity you have more energy and you automatically come up with something nice to do, or have more sense to do things that you did not feel like at first.

Sleep enough Sleep

deprivation disrupts the hunger hormone and will therefore ensure that you get more appetite. Provide at least 8 hours of sleep per night.

Avoid stress

Occasionally stress causes you to sometimes think more clearly or perform better, but avoid too much stress. In case of too much stress, the substance is released cortisol. This disrupts the insulin level and also ensures that fats are stored more easily in the body.

Keep searching for new tips

If you keep looking for new ways and tips, you will be able to try more and more, to see what works best for you.

Do not eat in front of the TV

When you eat for the TV, you automatically listen less well to the signals from your body. As a result, you are less likely to notice that you have actually eaten enough.

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Tips for Bodybuilding Workout 2023

Bodybuilders say that anyone can practice this sport as long as they have the discipline to train and eat properly. It all depends on what goals the student wants to achieve. They have bodybuilding as a philosophy of life.

Many follow a natural path to develop the physique, others use drugs as ergogenic resources. However, if these drugs, which are anabolic steroids, are not prescribed by qualified professionals and in the correct way, they bring undesirable side effects. Therefore, some anabolic steroids have been banned by bodybuilders.


What is Bodybuilding?

Body = body and building = construction. In other words, bodybuilding, which in Brazil is called bodybuilding is the construction of the body through diet, training consisting of exercises against resistance, and rigorous rest. Bulky bodies with a balance between all muscle groups form the shape (physical form) of the practitioners’ body. For competitions, male athletes look for a “V” body.

In bodybuilding competitions, you can see the result. Bodybuilding is the way to get to these competitions. Bodybuilders are extremely dedicated to this process of building their bodies as a philosophy of life.

How to start in Bodybuilding?

First, the individual must dedicate himself and understand that he must have the discipline to train and eat to reach his goal.

Second, seek a little information about the functioning of your body, your biotype, if you are fit for this practice as well as training methods and the correct way to eat.

Furthermore, you should be interested in hypertrophy, in addition to focusing on building muscle in an organized manner.

Bodybuilding is a complex sport, it involves a lot of physiology, biochemistry, biomechanics showing that our body is one of the most beautiful machines and laboratories that can be studied.


The doctor will guarantee through exams that your health is up to date to start the practice of physical activities. Especially bodybuilders who use steroids or other drugs should be tested every 6 months to assess their health.

In addition, the specialist doctor will also be able to monitor the training by prescribing anabolics to increase muscle mass. Follow-up should be done with caution so that there are no side effects for athletes who seek bodybuilding as a competition. But there is little care in this regard, as there are many who require exams in absurd quantities and prescribe many manipulated.

Personal trainer

The personal trainer must be specialized in this type of training. The experience of this professional will greatly influence his knowledge and prescriptions. Having someone instructing is essential in bodybuilding at any level that the practitioner finds. He will guide the journey in search of the perfect shape, without injuries, without wasting time and in the right way.

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Green Juice for Busting Belly Fat Before the Holidays

The holidays are fast approaching and we all know what that means: food! Copious amounts of sumptuous deliciousness from turkey and holiday hams to pumpkin pie and cranberry sauce. It’s all so yummy and therefore keeping healthy during the holidays seems impossible because of it – especially if you’re fighting against belly fat.

If you’re trying to get rid of that stubborn waistline, now is the time to start – before the holidays get into full swing. Superfood green juice for belly fat may be the simplest, easiest and most tasty way to start blasting your waistline before the onslaught begins.

Green Juice for Busting Belly Fat – Skip the Sugar

Green Juice for Busting Belly Fat

Holiday foods and drinks are already overflowing with added refined sugars, so skip the ready-mix green juices because they also include piles of sugar. That means the ones in bottles in the grocery store. The added sugar is (allegedly) to make them taste better. But sugar is the root cause of our nation’s obesity and diabetes epidemics.

Go for a superfood supplement in powder form, as part of a diet rich in organic whole foods. That is exactly the kind of green juice you need for belly fat. Get started now, enjoy the great taste and the outstanding nutrients, and start losing the paunch before the festivities get underway.

Choose Your Eats Wisely

Holiday eating could be an Olympic sport in some households. In order to survive the food shoveling games, choose wisely what you will eat. Start consuming green juice superfood now for your belly fat and your well being. Then at the gatherings and parties, your body will crave junk less and want to go for the vegetable sides.

At the dinner table, as tempting as they are, avoid starches like mashed potatoes or take a tiny serving only and savor them slowly. For protein, reach for skinless turkey and chicken breast (white meat).

Green Juice Before Meals is Incredibly Smart

Many of us prepare for holiday eating like athletes before a game and that often involves not eating anything. That’s a mistake. It’s like going grocery shopping on an empty stomach.

We’ve all heard the advice to eat healthy at home before going to a party. That way, you haven’t the room or desire to pig out on the calorie-loaded nosh. Take that a step further: enjoy your green juice superfood before heading out or before the meal. The right green juice supplement for belly fat fighting is full of minerals and vitamins that fill you up in a good way.

Fiber is Key

To combat that belly fat before, during and after the holidays, your green juice needs fiber. Fiber has no calories but with it you feel satiated and the likelihood of overeating is decreased. Buying a packaged green juice at the store will give you sugar (that causes cravings) rather than fiber. You can juice your own ingredients, for sure, but there are things to consider: expense, time for shopping, researching the nutritional balance, and the time and clean up. A great green superfood supplement powder has everything you need in a flash with no mess and no hassle.

Make the Life Change

While green juice is great for your waistline, it should not be used just for that. Use green juice in conjunction with good diet, strength training and aerobic exercise. You’ll have less belly fat for the holidays and for life!

Best weight loss apps

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How Well Do Fat Burners Really Work?

Fat burners, chrome pills and tea extracts. People do the craziest things to lose weight. But do these pills and supplements really work? Is there a miracle pill? Many remedies promise that the kilos effortlessly and quickly fly away, but on the question how exactly they work, manufacturers often can not answer.

What is it?

Fat burners are supplements that ensure that you burn fat faster. They often go hand in hand with products that have to counteract the absorption of fat or hunger. In contrast to the medicines that can be obtained for overweight by a doctor or pharmacy, the products often consist of different plant and root extracts and the operation is not entirely clear. We will explain a few to you.

Green tea extract


Many slimming products contain something from green tea extracts, and not entirely unjustly. Many studies show that green tea has a positive effect on the metabolism. Many effects are attributed to caffeine (called tea in tea). Caffeine has stimulating health effect on breathing and heartbeat, causing more energy to be burned. Although there is less caffeine in green tea than in coffee, more positive effects are attributed to green tea than to coffee. Caffeine is therefore not the only active ingredient in green tea. Catechins (antioxidants that occur in high concentrations in green tea), for example, lower your cortisol level, a steroid that you create during stress and that sticks to your waste process.

Chromium tablets

Chromium is a mineral that is necessary for the sugar metabolism. A lack of chromium disrupts the metabolism and increases the risk of diabetes. We only need chromium in small quantities (0.05 – 2 mg) and are sufficient in healthy nutrition. More than that 2 mg does not do much for you. It has been proven that chromium helps to lose fat, muscle retention and increase metabolism, but this has only been demonstrated to a very small extent. In addition, chromium products often claim to reduce hunger, but this has not been proven.


Surprisingly what products you encounter in the wonderful world of the questionable medication. Chitosan is one of them. A little piece from the scales of lobsters, crabs and shrimp that is used because it would bind fat and we would absorb less fat from our food. By using chitosan, however, at most ten calories per day are absorbed less from our diet than without the use of this ‘wonder drug’. The only thing you can keep from this is a severe allergic reaction.

Buy or let run?

Some products will have a positive effect on combustion and can help you lose some extra pounds, but do not expect any miracles. There is no panacea and you will always have to get started yourself if you want to lose weight. Again a good diet is the basis; you do not refuel diesel when your car runs on petrol!

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Why in My Hair Falling Out?
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Alpha Brain Review

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Why is My Hair Falling Out and How Is Hair Fall Cured?

Today, we get so many hairstyles that make our appearance get more interesting. There are many things that we can do with our hair and most of them seem to be fine while other will give bad effect. When we deal with this hair stuff, sometimes we also face some problem like hair which is falling out without clear cause. Why is my hair falling out even though we are still in our glory days? Hair fall can happen every time and can be caused by many things so, let us talk deeper and deeper again about this hair loss so we can be able to overcome this matter.

Why is My Hair Falling Out?

How Is Hair Fall Cured

1. Malnutrition for Hair

When we want to find the solution for our hair fall. For the first point, the most common causes of the hair falling are malnutrition in your body. We have to know that every part in our body needs energy and nutrition to grow in maintaining its good condition. It goes the same with hair, when the nutrition for your hair is not fulfilled, it will wither and fall apart just like plant. Hair needs nutrients for getting its best condition like a new development of hair cell and keeping the hair with good protection like oil in the hair.

2. DHT Effects for Hair

You also need to know that there is a certain cause that is produced by yourself. This certain cause is the DHT hormone which exists in our body. This hormone is the hormone which is acquired from further development of testosterone hormone. With the help of the 5 alpha reeducates enzyme, the testosterone is processed by this enzyme for producing this dihydrotestosterone that may give you bad hair loss.

Why is my hair falling out because of the DHT? The reason why this DHT become the causes of hair loss is that this hormone comes in our skin head and scalp. This hormone can mislead the command which is transferred to your hair cell. This misleading will make the hair cell have a hard time of hair growth. The DHT hormone will disturb the work of the hair cell in producing new hair cell and it results in the hair which is not stored well. This condition is surely a great loss and we need to know more about it.

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3. Stress

Stress is the best answer for why is my hair falling out. We know that stress is the most leading cause that can trigger any kinds of disorder in our body and hair loss is one of them. First, stress can cause this hair loss condition because stress can lead to hormonal imbalance in our body. This imbalance condition will surely make you produce uncertain hormone like the DHT itself in the body. The control over the production does not exist so sometimes you can produce overwhelming hormone. This overwhelming condition surely leads you to worsening condition of hair loss.

4. Certain Diseases

The next answer for why is my hair falling out is the effect of certain disease in our life. HIV is the most common cause that makes our hair fall. HIV attacks our immune system and when our immune system is weakened, there are many bacteria or virus that can attack our body. The effects of the degraded immune system will make your hair cell fragile and will be easily attacked by virus itself. That is why the hair can fall too when you get HIV. Other kinds of disease that disturb your immune system are also be able to lead hair loss.

Solving Hair Fall Problems

When we have known the answer for why is my hair falling out, it is time for us to get the answer for how to cure hair fall. When we deal with certain causes like DHT hormone or stress, we surely have some ways for overcoming hair fall. First, when you have problem with the hair fall caused by DHT hormone, first, you need to get some DHT blocker. DHT blocker can be acquired through utilizing some herbs that we may find around us.

The DHT blocker that may be found around us is the Saw Palmetto and Nettle. These two herbs are really effective in fighting the DHT as it will give your hair great capability in reducing the production of DHT hormone. When you have used the herbs, you can also take Propecia. Propecia is a prescription which is used for dealing with the second cause of the DHT. The propecia works in reducing the 5 alpha reeducates enzyme that can transform testosterone to DHT.

In the further discussion for why is my hair falling out and how is hair fall cured you will need to get more protein supply. You need to know that protein is the greatest source for cell development. It becomes the ingredients for the creation of new cells in the body including hair cell. For that reason, consuming the protein in high concentration is recommended when you are facing the problem of hair fall. As you boost yourself with protein, you need to find some hair nutrients like biotin, vitamin C, A, D, and B.

For the last way, you need to maintain your mental condition. You have seen that one of the reasons why your hair falls out is stress. Stress is acquired from the mental condition which is pressed. You should make yourself become more relaxed and enjoyed. When you have tight schedule, you better find some fun to relieve the stress that you suffer. You can play some games that you love or in the weekend, you can take a getaway for clearing your mind. Those are all the explanation about why is my hair falling out and how is hair fall cured.

The question why is my hair falling out will not be a great matter again for you when you have read this article. You need to pay great attention to your hair condition because you do not know whether the hair that is falling will return again or not. The hair is your greatest jewel that is acquired for free and you have to protect is as best as you can. You will feel great remorse when you lose your hair because you do not pay attention over small thing like giving right treatment to your hair.

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Best Weight Loss App to become Fab and Healthy

Have you ever tried to lose weight on your own? Are you thinking of trying it out again but you wanted to have someone or something to help you reach your goal? If you need to have something to remind you of what is not to eat and what is best to eat, well you need to find the best weight loss app for smartphone. You can watch your weight drop to your goal using a weight loss app available both for iPhone and Android users.

Learning how weight loss app can help you is one of the most important things to do before you use an app for your goal. Weight watching can be very reliable and fun if you have the best weight loss app on your phone. .

Do you know that a lot of people these days have weight loss app in their mobile phones without having problems at all? Weight management and dieting is truly boring if you are alone in the battle. Having someone to help you and encourage you to continue the program is a very important thing. But what if there is no one to do that for you? That doesn’t mean that you cannot be successful in losing weight and becoming healthy on your own. You have to find the best weight loss app for your smartphone and an app that will be beneficial for you at the same time while keeping your entertained.

Keeping track of your meals doesn’t mean that you will not eat the foods that you want; it’s just that you have to keep record of all the foods that you ate within the day and then have a record of the amount of exercises that you have made for the day. It will be easier for you to keep track of the calories, carbs and fats that you eat if you will use the best weight loss app. Weight loss app is also known as weight loss planner which aim to provide help to those who are having a hard time dieting all by themselves. After finding the right type of app for your smartphone, it’s now the time to choose a diet plan that you will use.

The best weight loss app will help you follow the plan that you have chosen by keeping track of your food intake and daily exercise routine. It’s up to you to limit your calorie intake and it’s up to you to go to the gym to exercise, you just have to write all your progress in the app so you will know if you have lost weight after a week or a month depending on your goal. Eating enjoyable meals is not hard to achieve if you want to lose weight because there are foods that you can still eat without consuming all the fats, calories and carbs on regular foods. Becoming healthy is not hard to do is you impose strict self-control. Temptation is everywhere so you need to have self-control to withstand all the temptations that you will encounter and the best weight loss app can be of help to you.


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My Surprising Alpha Brain Review (Best Nootropics)

Straight to the chase here: Most of us want to have that perfect focus, laser attention, mental clarity and picture memory.

But how is that supposed to happen? I used to rely on drinking a lot of coffee to get that motivation and concentration, but it just gave me more negative side effects like jitters and crashes and upset stomach.

I looked elsewhere in my life to achieve the brain results I was looking for. I cleaned up my diet, drank less alcohol (can’t give that one up), and even tried to get more sleep.

Honestly, it did help, but was also so difficult to constantly maintain, and yet it still wasn’t good enough for the results I was looking for. You see, I have a demanding job that requires that I maintain a lot of information in my head as well as spinning lots of plates at the same time. I needed help keeping that mental clarity and focus for extended periods of time without living off of coffee!

Eventually I grew tired of all the ups and downs with trying to find a solution to finding that mental clarity I sought.

If this sounds like you then I want you to keep reading.

If you’re sick of drinking coffee for mental clarity and looking for something different, then you’ll want to read this Onnit Alpha Brain Review.

But first, let’s get into one question you might be asking yourself right now…

What is Alpha Brain?


I’m going to be honest. I had the exact same question. Basically, Alpha Brain is a scientifically tested brain-boosting supplement, also known as nootropics, that help with focus, memory and mental clarity, so you can perform powerfully without all the jitters and stomach upsets of drinking tons of coffee.

But it goes beyond just being a coffee alternative. According to their official website, this product uses Earth grown ingredients to specifically activate vital areas of neurotransmission. This means that their combination of ingredients activate parts of the brain to improve verbal memory and executive function, helping you to achieve greater focus, memory and mental clarity.

Sounds good, right?

On top of all that, it is a safe and natural nootropic supplement, meaning that it won’t have any extra additives or leave any nasty side effects like headaches and jitters. You just take Alpha Brain consistently and watch as your cognitive skills improve and you start killing it with your ability to stay on task or heighten your mental energy.

Now that sounds all well and good, but you might be wondering how does it work or, more specifically, what are the magic ingredients used in Alpha Brain?

Alpha Brain Ingredients

As I mentioned before, since this supplement is a natural brain booster, you don’t have to worry about ingesting any synthetic ingredients, or experiencing adverse side effects.

Instead, when you decide to buy Alpha Brain you can rest assured knowing that it is made using high-quality ingredients.

What are they? Let’s get into some of their powerful ingredients…

AC-11, aka Rainforest Super Herb

The creators of AC-11 developed a hot water extraction process based on a proprietary molecular sieving technology to capture a cat’s caw. This plant comes from the Amazon rainforest plant and is revered by traditional cultures for its antioxidant and immune-boosting properties. The resulting compound of AC-11 has been shown to help your body repair DNA and is included in Alpha Brain to improve motivation and reduce mental fog.

Alpha GPC

Alpha GPC is a chemical released when a fatty acid in soy and other plants breaks down. It increases acetylcholine in the brain, which is a chemical that has been linked to memory, focus, mental drive, and REM sleep states.

Huperzia Serrata

Huperzine A is a naturally derived acetylcholinesterase inhibitor, which is extracted from the plant commonly known as northern floss (Huperzia serrate). Acetylcholinesterase (AchE) is responsible for the breakdown of Acetylcholine, so by inhibiting AchE, more acetylcholine is made available to the brain. Remember that acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter that enhances our mental drive, focus, and REM sleep states.

Bacopa Monniera

Bacopa monniera is an Ayurvedic herb, believed to help the body to enhance clear thinking. For centuries, Ayurvedic masters have declared their cognitive-enhancing effects. Clinical investigations show that it has strong antioxidant properties, which counteracts the damaging effects of oxidation in living tissue. The active compounds in Bacopa, called Bacosides, play a protective role in the synaptic functions of the nerves in the hippocampus in the brain, which is the center of emotion, memory, and the automatic nervous system.

These are only a sampling of the many Alpha Brain ingredients. Their formulas focus on various aspects of enhanced cognition, such as boosting neurotransmitters, mitigating stress and targeting antioxidants.

What I Didn’t Like About Alpha Brain

There are only a couple of things I don’t like about Alpha Brain. One is that the ingredients are adaptogenic, so the more you use it, the better it starts to open up the pathways to improved cognition. It would be great to be able to take it whenever I needed to be more focused. But, it’s meant to improve performance with continued use. So, it might not be for someone who needs it on the fly.

Secondly, the price is a bit much. You could create your own stack (nootropic combinations) using their template of ingredients… but then you have to create your own stack! Who has the time to do all that? But still, the price is a consideration. If it’s one for you, you could try it and see if it works for you and then try using it as a template to build your own with ingredients that you purchase in bulk.

Fortunately, the good aspects outweigh the bad with this product.

What I Like About Alpha Brain

In addition to everything I listed previously in this Alpha Brain review, I really appreciate the fact that Onnit, the makers of Alpha Brain, offers a money-back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied. How many companies do that? Just be sure to read their requirements to receive a refund.

Another thing I liked is if you choose to sign up for the #StayOnnit Program, you can get 20% off your first order. Then you can receive your favorite Onnit products at intervals of 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, and 90 days. Now you don’t have to worry about running out or missing a day.

Of course, if this sounds like a good fit for you, and you want to buy Alpha Brain, you are going to need to know where to get the best deal!

Where to Buy Alpha Brain

I used to be one of those people that was so skeptical of buying new supplements online. I was always wary of scammy companies selling me fluff or overcharging me for what they initially promised, but with Alpha Brain, I haven’t heard anything like that.

Best of all, as I mentioned before, their Onnit guarantee offers a full 30-day refund on the purchase price of any formula at any time within 3 months of your purchase. That is a powerful promise.

You can find Alpha Brain at some exclusive nutrition centers or even at Cross fit boxes. That doesn’t work for me since those tend to be at inconvenient locations for me. You can also buy it on Amazon if you can figure which listing is from an authentic source.

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