Beware of a sunstroke

“He must have a heat stroke!” With this saying is usually meant someone who does a little weird. But did you know that the expression comes horribly close to the truth when you carelessly deal with heat stroke? Reason to protect your body well during hot summer days.

When the body gets heated, the body temperature rises. Normally the body responds efficiently to this. You start sweating and get thirsty. You then drink a refreshing drink or take a cold shower and lose the heat.


When you have sunstroke, there is overheating. Again the body temperature rises. This time, however, you do not get the heat sweated out. Your perspiration system fails so to speak and your temperature remains high.

First phase heat stroke

A body temperature of more than 40 degrees Celsius is one of the most important symptoms of sunstroke. Headaches, dizziness and nausea are also a sign of the body that you have to get out of the sun.

The skin can react in two ways: hot, dry and red, or clammy and cold, while perspiring violently. What can occur further are a fast heartbeat, dilated pupils and superficial breathing. Muscle pain is also a common phenomenon.

Do you recognize a sunstroke in the first phase? Then look for the coolness and drink something. Preferably a sports drink. This way you can quietly catch your breath. Do not go back to the bright sun again after this experience!

Second phase sunstroke

The second phase is a lot more dangerous and less good to treat yourself. You can start showing confused and bizarre behavior. If you do not do anything about the situation, or rather: if you are not helped, then you run the risk of losing consciousness and getting epileptic seizures.

Eventually a sunstroke can be fatal. In that case you get into a shock: a state in which more and more organs fail, until death follows.

If you recognize a sunstroke in the second phase with someone, immediately turn to professional help. Until the moment that the ambulance staff arrives, you must take the victim out of the sun and cool down actively. This can be done with a fan or a water-soaked blanket (not ice-cold). Do not allow the victim to drink as long as he / she is unconscious!

Prevention tips

It does not happen quickly that someone ends up in the second phase of a sunstroke. Moreover, there is an increased risk of sunstroach, especially for babies and the elderly. Yet it is important to be careful when you go in the bright sun.

A sunstroke can be insidious; without being aware of it, you may have suffered a heat stroke. And who wants to ruin his holiday or day off by a sunstroke? With the help of the following tips you can prevent sunstroke:

Wear light clothing in the sun and protect your head.
Drink enough. Take a sports drink or a broth. At high temperatures you sweat a lot and you also lose salt .
Do not get bored in high temperatures with high humidity.
Take a refreshing, cooling shower often.
Wen to the heat

A tip that deserves special attention is the following: let the body get used to high temperatures. Many people tend to go directly into the sun as naked as possible on the first warm (holiday) days.

However, the body has to get used to the abrupt transition. So do not go from our cold frog country straight into the blistering heat for days on end. Prepare your body by not sitting too long in the sun for the first few days and certainly not in the heat of the day. Keep a siesta between 12.00 and 15.00.

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What Helps Against High Blood Pressure?

A high blood pressure can cause health problems. What can help to lower your blood pressure?

1. Helps lose weight against high blood pressure?

Hell yes. Subjects who lost an average of four kilos in a year were downgraded by 3 to 10 points and their negative pressure by 1 to 6 points.

“Losing weight is an important resource in this obesity period, especially the fat on the stomach causes problems, which produces hormones that increase blood pressure.” If the abdominal fat disappears, the blood pressure also decreases. “

2. Is relaxation good?

Possible. Relaxation exercises , meditation, deep abdominal breathing: there is careful evidence that these types of stress management techniques help lower blood pressure. In any case, the underpressure.

3. And eat less salt?

“That always works to lower blood pressure, even if it is only slightly increased,” says specialist Wilko Spiering. “This also applies if high blood pressure is already treated with medicines, because these drugs work less well if you use a lot of salt.”

If you eat 4 grams of salt less per day , the upper pressure is reduced by an average of 5 points and the negative pressure is 3 points. Wilko Spiering: “80 to 90 percent of Dutch people eat too much salt, the advice is a maximum of 6 grams of salt per day, and the World Health Organization recommends only 5 grams, which we eat on average about 9 to 10 grams every day. most of them are ‘hidden’ in food: you do not taste it, but it is there.

4. Is exercise good for your blood pressure?

Yes. Movement of the blood vessels in the long run more elastic and that helps to lower the blood pressure. In the short term, blood pressure with sports naturally goes up: the heart must pump harder when exercising. But in the long term the vessels will be in better condition. The top pressure drops by 5 to 8 points on average if you walk more than half an hour a day than you normally do. Or if you go cycling for an hour or go jogging three times a week.

5. Does smoking stop help?

Whether or not the blood pressure drops, has not been proven conclusively. That the damage to the heart, blood vessels, lungs and kidneys is limited, is certain.

6. Does it also help to drink less alcohol?

The relationship between alcohol and blood pressure is not entirely clear. High blood pressure seems to be more common in people who drink. But: some studies in patients with high blood pressure suggest that occasionally a glass of water will actually increase the risk of cardiovascular disease in them. Wilko Spiering: “One or two glasses of wine a day can be fine and sometimes even beneficial. If you drink four or five glasses a day, that will clearly increase your blood pressure.”

7. When are medicines needed?

If eating healthier and exercising more do not lower blood pressure. Furthermore, even with a severely elevated blood pressure: more than 180. And if you have (had) a cardiovascular disease and the blood pressure is 140 or higher.

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5 Questions About Memory Answered

1. Not being able to get names is that starting dementia?

This is not a form of incipient dementia , but a good example of normal age-relatedness. As we get older, the pace at which we think goes down and the memory becomes less efficient. This happens from about the thirtieth year of life. Around the age of fifty, many people start to notice this in their daily functioning.

No more good names and words can come, is the most common complaint with aging. At number two the ‘what did I come here again?’ – moments: you do not know why you went from the kitchen to the bathroom, for example.

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Mentally active is good

2. Is it true that actively working with music is even better for memory than making all sorts of puzzles?

No, that’s not right. Mentally active is good, but it does not matter what you do exactly. It is especially important that you enjoy it. If you do something reluctantly, it will be counter-productive. That costs more energy than it produces. Activities that you enjoy, give you energy and keep the brain active. In order to keep your memory healthy, it is important to remain physically active, so keep moving.

3. My mother has dementia. Can I reduce my chance of dementia by eating healthy?

To start with the latter: dementia is inherited for a very small part. Early forms of dementia (before the age of 65) are partly hereditary. Heredity plays a much smaller role in old age.

Whether you will become demented or not, has to do with your age. The older you are, the greater the risk. 10 percent of people over the age of 65 have Alzheimer’s disease (the most common cause of dementia), over 85 years of age this is one in three.

There are increasing indications that smoking, overeating and lack of physical activity increase the risk of dementia, as does the risk of cardiovascular disease. A lot of research is also being done into special foods that may reduce the risk of dementia.

Foods often mentioned in this context are folic acid (in Brussels sprouts, broccoli, green beans, spinach and wholemeal products), unsaturated fatty acids (fatty fish, such as herring, salmon and mackerel), vitamin E, antioxidants (vitamins A and C and alpha- lipoic acid), anti-inflammatory drugs and red wine. Unfortunately, there is no evidence at present that this food protects you from dementia.

A Mediterranean diet reduces the risk of dementia, it is only not clear by which nutrient this is. Perhaps it is due to the positive effect on heart and blood vessels or indirectly by a positive effect on, for example, blood pressure and diabetes.

4. Has the chemo damaged my memory?

Yes, this is possible. Chemotherapy is known to lead to memory problems. Research in which the brain functions are tested shows that attention is mainly lost, but people themselves also say they suffer from memory problems.

A condition for being able to remember something is that you are sufficiently focused and have your attention. If that is not the case (for example if you are tired after a night’s sleep), then it will not work as well and information will not be stored properly. It seems as if you have forgotten something, but in fact you did not store it properly because you were less attentive and concentrated.

Try not to be too concerned with the idea that a chemo treatment causes permanent damage to the brain, that does not have to be the case at all. It is precisely because of that fear or tension that the brain can not work as well.

5. How is it possible that my short-term memory is extremely poor and my long-term memory is super good? Can that be caused by cerebral infarctions?

From the memory we know that what you have learned first has remained the longest. The short-term memory deteriorates the fastest. One of the symptoms of starting dementia is that people prefer to talk about things from the past because they still know it well. What they did last week or yesterday is much more difficult to remember and sometimes they do not know it anymore.

This has to do with the part of the brain that is responsible for the storage of new information (the hippocampus). In Alzheimer’s disease, this area is damaged. Probably there is normal old age forgetting because memories come back later. That is the big difference with dementia. In dementia, information can not be returned with help (giving hints) or in a more advanced stage. For example, it is quite normal if you can not tell in detail what has been discussed the day after a birthday, but it is not normal if you do not know that you have been to a birthday.

Maybe you are trying too hard to retrieve recent information. Because you are watching the memory, you may become anxious or tense about it. This blocks the memory at that moment. In a more relaxed state (a week later) it suddenly comes back (but then you often do not need it). However, the two cerebral infarcts point to a vulnerable brain. It is possible that blood vessels are damaged, and that can also be an explanation.

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How often do you have to wash your hair?

Washing your hair every day is disastrous for your beautiful locks, if shampoo does not foam then it does not clean properly and if you use shampoo too long, it loses its effect. There are quite a few fables about washing the hair. Or are we dealing with facts here?

Unfortunately there is no standard advice about washing the hair. According to experts, it depends strongly on what type of hair you have and what choices you make when it comes to styles. Yet you do not really have to wash it as often as you might think. Certainly for luxuriant locks it is worth – in normal hair – to postpone washing for as long as possible. However, it also depends partly on personal preferences.

The function of washing

Shampoo mainly has a cleansing effect; it refreshes the hair and removes the natural hair fat, styling products and other dirt. If you wash your hair too often, it is possible that your hair dries out and breaks easily. A bit of dirt in your hair is fine and natural. Especially the fat (sebum and oils) belongs in your hair. Sebum has a number of important functions, including protecting and keeping the skin supple .

How often?

Actually, only a small group benefits from the daily washing of the hair and that is if you have very nice hair, lots of sport and sweat or if you live in a very humid place. With a very greasy scalp, daily washing is also not a luxury.

With very thick hair and little sebum, it is good to wash your hair less. Especially people with dry hair or curls can easily reduce the number of washes. But generally everyone can easily spend one to three days without shampoo. There is no standard recommendation. Visibly fat hair, an itchy scalp or clear dirt in the hair are signs that it’s time.


To delay the washing as long as possible, there are also a number of tips. For example, it is important that your hair is as little as possible. The more you brush it and your hands go through your hair, the more you spread the fat from your scalp through your hair. Also be careful with greasy products such as oil and serum, so use it only in the hair tips if necessary.

Dry shampoo is also seen as a result. In addition to a fresh feeling, this often also gives some extra volume. Wetting and re-shaping the hair can also help.


Foaming shampoo and soap is a sign of good cleaning, right? This is partly true. Shampoo absorbs grease and dirt and will not foam if it has absorbed too much. In this sense, foaming is therefore an indicator of clean hair ; if it does not foam, you have to wash it again.

However, this only applies if you use shampoo in the right way. A nut of shampoo – about the size of a euro coin – is sufficient. So do not use it anymore. Divide the product over your hands, apply it to the neck of your hair and massage to the crown. This way the shampoo is well distributed and you know – based on the foaming – how dirty your hair is.


Occasionally changing shampoo can not hurt. However, the effectiveness of shampoo is not reduced if you use it for a long time. You can change hair and the needs of your hair. Colored hair needs a different shampoo than hair with a natural tint. Sometimes your hair, for example under the influence of hormones, is drier or fatter. Even then it pays to adjust your shampoo.


It is often thought that conditioner is only necessary for dry hair and that you usually do not need a conditioner – especially if your hair is fat. However, this is not entirely correct.

During a wash the hair cuticles are opened and a conditioner causes them to close again. It makes your hair nice and smooth. Generally, conditioner can be recommended for every type of hair. In addition, you also have different conditioners, depending on the needs of your hair. Visit 4 Elbows Rem for more tips on personal care.

Just as for shampoo, you must use the product correctly. Not too much, even now that euro coin, and especially on the ends and lengths. These are often the areas that can use the extra care. Do not forget to rinse well.

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How Well Do Fat Burners Really Work?

Fat burners, chrome pills and tea extracts. People do the craziest things to lose weight. But do these pills and supplements really work? Is there a miracle pill? Many remedies promise that the kilos effortlessly and quickly fly away, but on the question how exactly they work, manufacturers often can not answer.

What is it?

Fat burners are supplements that ensure that you burn fat faster. They often go hand in hand with products that have to counteract the absorption of fat or hunger. In contrast to the medicines that can be obtained for overweight by a doctor or pharmacy, the products often consist of different plant and root extracts and the operation is not entirely clear. We will explain a few to you.

Green tea extract


Many slimming products contain something from green tea extracts, and not entirely unjustly. Many studies show that green tea has a positive effect on the metabolism. Many effects are attributed to caffeine (called tea in tea). Caffeine has stimulating health effect on breathing and heartbeat, causing more energy to be burned. Although there is less caffeine in green tea than in coffee, more positive effects are attributed to green tea than to coffee. Caffeine is therefore not the only active ingredient in green tea. Catechins (antioxidants that occur in high concentrations in green tea), for example, lower your cortisol level, a steroid that you create during stress and that sticks to your waste process.

Chromium tablets

Chromium is a mineral that is necessary for the sugar metabolism. A lack of chromium disrupts the metabolism and increases the risk of diabetes. We only need chromium in small quantities (0.05 – 2 mg) and are sufficient in healthy nutrition. More than that 2 mg does not do much for you. It has been proven that chromium helps to lose fat, muscle retention and increase metabolism, but this has only been demonstrated to a very small extent. In addition, chromium products often claim to reduce hunger, but this has not been proven.


Surprisingly what products you encounter in the wonderful world of the questionable medication. Chitosan is one of them. A little piece from the scales of lobsters, crabs and shrimp that is used because it would bind fat and we would absorb less fat from our food. By using chitosan, however, at most ten calories per day are absorbed less from our diet than without the use of this ‘wonder drug’. The only thing you can keep from this is a severe allergic reaction.

Buy or let run?

Some products will have a positive effect on combustion and can help you lose some extra pounds, but do not expect any miracles. There is no panacea and you will always have to get started yourself if you want to lose weight. Again a good diet is the basis; you do not refuel diesel when your car runs on petrol!

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5 Tips To Get Full Of Energy

I have been a bit immersed in – ahum – healthy food. I wondered if it is possible to consume healthy and yummy, and also look much better. I have been applying a couple of concepts for numerous weeks: they might seem odd at very first sight, but they seem to work. I suddenly feel more energetic and pleasant, just to state something. It is certainly not a diet plan – oh, exactly what do I dislike diet plans – but a change in diet plan.

Simply explain? This is my individual five-step strategy to a more vital life.

1) Switch to coconut fat

I have actually met more and more people recently who not bake in butter, however in coconut fat. Coconut fat?! Yes. It is sold in glass jars and expenses about EUR 11 per pot. But that will take you a long time. The benefits are amazing: coconut fat is not saved by the body as fat and it stimulates the metabolism. You even burn more calories by burning! If you let a swelling melt in the pan (like butter), you can smell it to be coconut fat. But whatever you bake in it tastes neutral. Keep in mind: purchase only the organic additional virgin types! You can find them at the natural food shop.

2) Eat less bread

I matured with sandwiches, similar to everybody else. But a lot of carbs will make you worn out and exhausted. That is since of the gluten that is hard to digest. Thankfully, there are alternatives. At the bakeshop, for example, I would like to buy a spelled or rye bread. Much healthier. To bake pancakes, cake or cookies, I no longer utilize regular wheat flour, however buckwheat or spelled flour. You can even discover these types of flower in the typical grocery stores.

3) Healthy breakfast

Do not have sandwiches in the morning? Then exactly what? Oatmeal! It is a so-called superfood so you get a lot of sluggish energy in the morning. You are saturated for a long period of time and do not require snacks. I prepare a cup of oatmeal in two cups of milk with some honey. Then you can include vanilla or cinnamon powder, and blueberries, apple pieces or raspberries.

4) Pretend to live in the South

Whatever that sounds rather Mediterranean readies. Particularly those scrumptious grilled and marinated vegetables. Extremely tasty, filling and you do not feel bloated later on. In the evening I make a growing number of salads that I supplement with items that are ‘fat’ initially glimpse, such as feta, avocado, mackerel and olives. Nevertheless, these are good fats! As long as you do not eat any bread, you’re doing an excellent job. You can also change regular ‘white’ pasta better with spelled, kamut or buckwheat pasta. You barely see any difference, however your body feels it.

5) Consume seeds

I have one rack in my kitchen that is totally devoted to nuts and seeds. Flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, cashew nuts, pine nuts … They are a popular addition to give your meal crunch (just sprinkle on top of your pasta, salad, soup …). In addition, these seeds and nuts include a lot of omega 3, that makes you feel better in your own skin.

Success with it!

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Do You Consume Fat Through Protein

Whether you are sporting for a healthy muscular body or to reduce weight, without enough protein you will not attain these goals. It is for that reason crucial that you get sufficient protein every day and nowadays that is not that hard due to the fact that there are a great deal of products which contain a great deal of proteins. However are these proteins healthy and can you get fat from proteins?

I frequently get questions about whether proteins make you fat. Individuals question whether they should take proteins because they are afraid that they will end up being fat like carbohydrates. To the concern ‘Do I get fat of protein?’ the answer is just no. Proteins are created to avoid your muscles from breaking down and provide muscle recovery after a workout.

A lack of proteins in your body can actually cause muscle breakdown, especially if you are dieting, you need to make certain that you get sufficient protein otherwise you lose more muscle mass and not fat. Your muscles are the greatest fat burner in your body. Your body also takes in more energy to burn the proteins where you lose more and burn more fat. And if you consume more protein, you likewise have less cravings or hunger during weight reduction!

Can proteins transform into fats in our body?

Excess carbohydrates in our body can transform to fats, but exactly what about proteins? Can excess proteins (if we consume a great deal of protein-rich food) in our body eventually turn into fats or not? No, this does not take place straight, but indirectly. If you get more proteins than necessary, your body will initially burn the proteins. And will the carbohydrates that then remain and in fact have to be burned, save themselves as fat due to the fact that the body currently has enough energy. But your body can not keep proteins like fats.

Can you get fat from protein shakes

Protein shakes are nowadays used by nearly everyone with numerous goals such as reducing weight and losing body fat or muscle building. If the goal is to slim down and lose body fat, then you need a protein shake that primarily consists of proteins, contains fewer carbs and only has a little fat. But similar to in the grocery store, the contents of the Protein shake and slimming shakes are likewise rolled to keep the price as low as possible, just like the fundamental products in the grocery store. In a lot of Protein shakes and slendering shakes that are offered for little loan fillers are consisted of and one of the most inexpensive fillers is sugar and in a few of these shakes there are more sugars than in one bottle of cola.

In the past, the Consumentenbond looked at the labels of 31 meal replacements and had the protein content identified in a laboratory. A massive 23 items score lower than a 6 for the structure. They contain not just a lot of sugar, however especially little fiber, proteins and healthy fats.

To the question ‘Do I get fat from protein shakes?’ is the response Yes, if you take the wrong one and the answer is no, if you select a good slendering shake or protein shake, however these are frequently a bit more costly and unfortunately, like our purchases in the supermarket, the cost is definitive and we go typically for the low-cost, so-called healthy home variation.

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Foods That Can Raise Your Hemoglobin

There are a variety of ways to maintain the high level of hemoglobin in the blood. One is a diet plan with little iron The very best example of such a diet plan is a meal with hemochromatosis, a hereditary disease in which the body soaks up iron from food in larger quantities than regular, triggering an excess of this aspect. Iron builds up in tissues and organs, and can trigger damage.

Kinds of iron

Food iron, which is available in numerous kinds of products, is available in two kinds: heme and non-heme iron. The primary difference between these 2 types of iron is their absorption. It has actually been observed that the body quickly takes in heme iron. On the other hand, the absorption of non-heme iron to the body is an uphill struggle. Based nutrition with a high hemoglobin Hemoglobin: even worse – low or high? Hemoglobin: worse – low or high?

Food that should be added to diet

People whose blood consisted of an extreme amount of iron can not manage making use of those products, which include large quantities of heme iron. Limiting or declining such foods is the foundation of the diet plan.


You may not use alcohol and use it in small amounts because the mix of iron and alcohol contributes to the development of damaging compounds triggering liver damage. In addition, alcohol promotes the absorption of iron, of which, additionally, the hemoglobin in the blood. Therefore, to really reduce the absorption of iron, it is essential to do the habit of drinking.

Dietary supplements

Given that the hemoglobin in the blood to prevent making use of iron supplements Dietary supplements – standard category Food supplements – standard classification
In addition to multivitamins, which consists of iron. Vitamin C, although it is an antioxidant Anti-oxidants: the reality about the infamous benefits Antioxidants: the reality about the well-known benefits
It increases the body’s ability to soak up iron. This suggests that taking supplements with vitamin C is not recommended. At the very same time, in between meals abundant in vitamin C, only advantages. Eating food which contains vitamin C is likewise not a cause for concern.


Popular fish, including fish, also contain a huge quantity of heme iron, so in addition to quit meat, you must leave out or limit the quantity of fish in their diet (do you have to leave totally prepared or raw fish), in order to prevent excessive build-up of iron body. Eating raw fish can damage health. The reason is that the bacteria in the raw fish can trigger severe infections in human beings with a high level of iron in the blood. Nevertheless, carefully ready fish and shellfish are well tolerated by the body because heat treatment kills the bacteria that cause infections.

Sugar items

Although sweet foods such as cakes and pastries are not an excellent source of heme iron, their use causes increased absorption of iron from our normal food, which is unacceptable to people with high levels of hemoglobin.

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Go Green For Your Personal Care

Do you want to make certain that you do not harm your own health and the health of the environment when it comes to your personal hygiene and charm program? Here are some pointers!

Do it yourself

Lots of beauty items on the market have lots of harmful chemicals. A lot of these chemicals are connected with various types of cancer and some are even understood to trigger certain cancers. In addition, a few of these poisonous chemicals can harm the various systems of the body. The very best way to avoid these dangerous chemicals is to make your very own appeal items in the house. You will typically discover attractive ingredients in your own kitchen cabinet. On the internet you can quickly find recipes for do-it-yourself appeal items, total with detailed instructions. Apart from that you will know and control what is in the appeal products, you will also discover that they are less expensive and simply as reliable or,

Examine the label

Consumers must end up being aware of exactly what they are placing on their skin and hair. The skin takes in chemicals that remain in the products you use. The scalp is likewise made of skin and through absorption through the skin chemical substances from individual care products into the blood and the blood goes to every part of the body. Some of the hazardous chemicals in personal care items likewise wind up in our system through inhalation. Your finest protection against hazardous chemicals is to understand which hazardous chemicals are often found in individual care products and to guarantee that these substances are not part of the active ingredients of an item. Prior to you purchase a product, you ought to inspect the components on the label.

Be careful with natural, organic and hypoallergenic labels

Nowadays it is typical to see appeal and personal care products with the labels “Natural”, “Organic” and “Hypoallergenic” on their packaging. However these labels do not instantly imply that the product is devoid of hazardous substances. You must know that these terms are not regulated, due to the fact that no consensus has actually yet been reached on these labels. So pay extra attention. You need to take notice of the Eco-Cert label and/ or the USDA Organic seal. These 2 labels are utilized in 80 various countries around the world. Why do you need to pay attention to these labels? These labels guarantee that the item is made with organic ingredients, making them helpful for the body and the environment.

Say no to aluminum in deodorant

Ensure that your deodorant does not consist of aluminum. Although aluminum works in preventing perspiration, it has adverse impacts. Aluminum is not only irritating to the skin. It can likewise cause swelling in the body. Since aluminum stops perspiration by obstructing the pores, it means that toxic compounds are not gotten rid of by sweating.

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