Tips for Bodybuilding Workout 2023

Bodybuilders say that anyone can practice this sport as long as they have the discipline to train and eat properly. It all depends on what goals the student wants to achieve. They have bodybuilding as a philosophy of life.

Many follow a natural path to develop the physique, others use drugs as ergogenic resources. However, if these drugs, which are anabolic steroids, are not prescribed by qualified professionals and in the correct way, they bring undesirable side effects. Therefore, some anabolic steroids have been banned by bodybuilders.


What is Bodybuilding?

Body = body and building = construction. In other words, bodybuilding, which in Brazil is called bodybuilding is the construction of the body through diet, training consisting of exercises against resistance, and rigorous rest. Bulky bodies with a balance between all muscle groups form the shape (physical form) of the practitioners’ body. For competitions, male athletes look for a “V” body.

In bodybuilding competitions, you can see the result. Bodybuilding is the way to get to these competitions. Bodybuilders are extremely dedicated to this process of building their bodies as a philosophy of life.

How to start in Bodybuilding?

First, the individual must dedicate himself and understand that he must have the discipline to train and eat to reach his goal.

Second, seek a little information about the functioning of your body, your biotype, if you are fit for this practice as well as training methods and the correct way to eat.

Furthermore, you should be interested in hypertrophy, in addition to focusing on building muscle in an organized manner.

Bodybuilding is a complex sport, it involves a lot of physiology, biochemistry, biomechanics showing that our body is one of the most beautiful machines and laboratories that can be studied.


The doctor will guarantee through exams that your health is up to date to start the practice of physical activities. Especially bodybuilders who use steroids or other drugs should be tested every 6 months to assess their health.

In addition, the specialist doctor will also be able to monitor the training by prescribing anabolics to increase muscle mass. Follow-up should be done with caution so that there are no side effects for athletes who seek bodybuilding as a competition. But there is little care in this regard, as there are many who require exams in absurd quantities and prescribe many manipulated.

Personal trainer

The personal trainer must be specialized in this type of training. The experience of this professional will greatly influence his knowledge and prescriptions. Having someone instructing is essential in bodybuilding at any level that the practitioner finds. He will guide the journey in search of the perfect shape, without injuries, without wasting time and in the right way.

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