Why is My Hair Falling Out and How Is Hair Fall Cured?

Today, we get so many hairstyles that make our appearance get more interesting. There are many things that we can do with our hair and most of them seem to be fine while other will give bad effect. When we deal with this hair stuff, sometimes we also face some problem like hair which is falling out without clear cause. Why is my hair falling out even though we are still in our glory days? Hair fall can happen every time and can be caused by many things so, let us talk deeper and deeper again about this hair loss so we can be able to overcome this matter.

Why is My Hair Falling Out?

How Is Hair Fall Cured

1. Malnutrition for Hair

When we want to find the solution for our hair fall. For the first point, the most common causes of the hair falling are malnutrition in your body. We have to know that every part in our body needs energy and nutrition to grow in maintaining its good condition. It goes the same with hair, when the nutrition for your hair is not fulfilled, it will wither and fall apart just like plant. Hair needs nutrients for getting its best condition like a new development of hair cell and keeping the hair with good protection like oil in the hair.

2. DHT Effects for Hair

You also need to know that there is a certain cause that is produced by yourself. This certain cause is the DHT hormone which exists in our body. This hormone is the hormone which is acquired from further development of testosterone hormone. With the help of the 5 alpha reeducates enzyme, the testosterone is processed by this enzyme for producing this dihydrotestosterone that may give you bad hair loss.

Why is my hair falling out because of the DHT? The reason why this DHT become the causes of hair loss is that this hormone comes in our skin head and scalp. This hormone can mislead the command which is transferred to your hair cell. This misleading will make the hair cell have a hard time of hair growth. The DHT hormone will disturb the work of the hair cell in producing new hair cell and it results in the hair which is not stored well. This condition is surely a great loss and we need to know more about it.

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3. Stress

Stress is the best answer for why is my hair falling out. We know that stress is the most leading cause that can trigger any kinds of disorder in our body and hair loss is one of them. First, stress can cause this hair loss condition because stress can lead to hormonal imbalance in our body. This imbalance condition will surely make you produce uncertain hormone like the DHT itself in the body. The control over the production does not exist so sometimes you can produce overwhelming hormone. This overwhelming condition surely leads you to worsening condition of hair loss.

4. Certain Diseases

The next answer for why is my hair falling out is the effect of certain disease in our life. HIV is the most common cause that makes our hair fall. HIV attacks our immune system and when our immune system is weakened, there are many bacteria or virus that can attack our body. The effects of the degraded immune system will make your hair cell fragile and will be easily attacked by virus itself. That is why the hair can fall too when you get HIV. Other kinds of disease that disturb your immune system are also be able to lead hair loss.

Solving Hair Fall Problems

When we have known the answer for why is my hair falling out, it is time for us to get the answer for how to cure hair fall. When we deal with certain causes like DHT hormone or stress, we surely have some ways for overcoming hair fall. First, when you have problem with the hair fall caused by DHT hormone, first, you need to get some DHT blocker. DHT blocker can be acquired through utilizing some herbs that we may find around us.

The DHT blocker that may be found around us is the Saw Palmetto and Nettle. These two herbs are really effective in fighting the DHT as it will give your hair great capability in reducing the production of DHT hormone. When you have used the herbs, you can also take Propecia. Propecia is a prescription which is used for dealing with the second cause of the DHT. The propecia works in reducing the 5 alpha reeducates enzyme that can transform testosterone to DHT.

In the further discussion for why is my hair falling out and how is hair fall cured you will need to get more protein supply. You need to know that protein is the greatest source for cell development. It becomes the ingredients for the creation of new cells in the body including hair cell. For that reason, consuming the protein in high concentration is recommended when you are facing the problem of hair fall. As you boost yourself with protein, you need to find some hair nutrients like biotin, vitamin C, A, D, and B.

For the last way, you need to maintain your mental condition. You have seen that one of the reasons why your hair falls out is stress. Stress is acquired from the mental condition which is pressed. You should make yourself become more relaxed and enjoyed. When you have tight schedule, you better find some fun to relieve the stress that you suffer. You can play some games that you love or in the weekend, you can take a getaway for clearing your mind. Those are all the explanation about why is my hair falling out and how is hair fall cured.

The question why is my hair falling out will not be a great matter again for you when you have read this article. You need to pay great attention to your hair condition because you do not know whether the hair that is falling will return again or not. The hair is your greatest jewel that is acquired for free and you have to protect is as best as you can. You will feel great remorse when you lose your hair because you do not pay attention over small thing like giving right treatment to your hair.

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