To leave a beard, or just a smooth chin?

Leave your beard or continue to shave. Most men have ever faced that choice. Always shaving is a challenge for some people. For others it is an attempt to improve their appearance or to go for a certain look. And the choices and possibilities in terms of beard growth are almost infinite.

Centuries ago, a beard was very common. The means of shaving were limited at that time. The richer men were often shaving, but that was of course not reserved for the common man. In addition, the beard also provides natural protection during cold times. Nowadays the beard is really only a personal choice. It determines your appearance for a large part.

Shave daily

Some men shave daily. For example, in the early morning when they get up. That is part of their morning ritual and they are not used to anything else. The amount of beard growth is of course different for each man, but if you shave every day, it is generally not too bad. In any case, it is the same job every day. Just like brushing your teeth and other things you do in the bathroom. It just comes with it.

An obligation

Other men shave less often. For example every other day or a few times a week. Especially when you shave less frequently, shaving is often a job that is often overlooked. Shaving after a few days is not always pleasant when your beard growth continues at an average pace.

Sometimes you have to

It also depends on what you do in your daily life. In some professions an unshaven face is not done. You are then actually obliged to maintain a strict discipline in your shaving habits. But in many cases it is not really a problem to not shave a few days to a week.

Do not shave for a while

With many men there is sometimes a period that the beard stays on for a while. For example in the holiday season. Or in a period when you simply do not get around to it, or do not have the means. For one person, that is a blessing: just do not work with the knife or that device in front of the mirror, but just leave everything out of the box.

For others, shaving is not a bad thing. Especially if you are used to smooth skin, you will soon suffer from itching. And even without the itching, many can not keep away from their beard: such a bearded face feels very different. That will also quickly attract the members of your family.

A beard grows for a moment

For someone who normally shaves regularly, it often takes two to four weeks, before a beard has formed. Depending on the look you are going for, you also have to maintain your beard from that moment on. Nowadays, everything is possible in terms of species of beard.

If you want to make a well-groomed impression, it is always wise to keep the edges of your beard a bit taut. Especially on your throat, because the growth of beards is usually not the same in all places. But you can also choose to shave your throat for the most part.

And what does the woman think of it?

For many men their wife or girlfriend has an important voice in the choice of whether or not to be a beard. And also the type of beard and the length. Some women should not think of a partner with a beard. They do not like that noise. But there are also women who find a beard attractive. In addition, a beard is also better for some men than for others. And in some cases you can create a more masculine appearance thanks to a beard. Or you hide certain characteristics of a face with it. This is often the reason why women prefer to see their husbands with beards.

Almost infinite possibilities

As mentioned, you can go for all kinds of beard. In the first place, of course, a simple full beard. This is not very modern, but the advantage is that it requires little maintenance. But you can also go for the tight thin lines. To keep this tight you also have to update it a few times every week. Other options are sideburns, with which you can vary indefinitely. The same applies to a goatee or goatee. Some men want a beard where the chin is free. And with the mustache you can do everything.


Whether or not a beard. At the bottom of the line, it remains a personal issue. But trying something different in your life is nothing wrong with it. If you do not like it, you can go back to a smooth chin. But who knows, you like it so much, that you do not want to lose your new beard for the time being. For someone who has had a beard for a long time, shaving may be a bit more exciting, but it is also a matter of time.

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